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CTRHOA Policies and Procedures

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) per Senate Bill 100 (SB1100) require that a number of policies be adopted by the Association and made available to the owners.  To this end, the Board approved the majority of the following policies and procedures at the 11/15/2005 meeting, effective 1/1/2006.

Adoption and Amendment Procedures

Ballot and Proxy Policy

Board Member and Owner Education Policy

Business Activities and Home Occupation Policy

Revised Collection Policy (effective January, 2014)

Conduct of Meetings Policy and Procedure

Conflict of Interest Policy

Covenant and Rule Enforcement Policy
           *  Tree Removal Revised Fine Change

Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure (Amended 3/16/2020)

Emergency Vehicle Policy

Insurance Claims Policy

Investment of Reserves Policy

Leasing a Lot Rules and Regulations

Motorized Vehicle Restriction on Common Areas and Trails Policy ( August, 2014) 

Political Signs and Flag Policy

Records Inspection Policy

Records Retention Policy

Reserve Study Policy

Seller Disclosure Policy and Procedure   ( Note: “Copies” to be used for buyer review and understanding include hard copies  or buyer review and understanding of electronic copies/ copies of computer files that have been uploaded to the CTRHOA website. 

Sign Policy

Wildfire Defensible Space Plan Policy ( effective January, 2014)