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Snow Plowing and Road Conditions

For any issues contact Bob Milford 281-467-2379

Road Conditions and Snow Plowing:

04/06/24 – Got 3 inches of snow over night but roads are clearing up so no plowing today. Please Drive Slow!!

02/08/24- 7:00am Only 1/2 inch of snow overnight. No Plowing today unless its starts snowing a lot.

02/02/24 – 1:30pm It is still snowing and probably have had 3 inches of snow though a lot is not accumulating on the roads. It is a slushy mess in places. The current plan is to plow in the morning around 10am after snow stops and cleanup what ever snow is on the roads. Please Drive Real Slow!!!

01/22/24 – Just a dusting of snow over night no plowing today.

Some Winter Driving Tips From CDOT

There are three actions you do most when you drive: accelerate, turn, and brake. In winter weather, you should only do one of those actions at a time. Attempting more than one of these actions at once can cause slide-outs, spin-outs, and other harmful scenarios.

When traveling downhill, if possible, switch to a lower gear, and gently tap your brakes. This helps to avoid burning your brakes, and in winter weather, it helps keep traction.

Keep momentum when traveling uphill to avoid getting stuck.

When driving at night, keep your headlight beams low. High beams can amplify the appearance of snow and lead to decreased visibility.

Slow down – driving too fast for conditions causes most crashes.

1/11/24 – 1.5 to 2 inches at 7:30am snowing now. 3 inches inches at 11am. Plan on plowing around 12 noon.

01/06/24- Another dusting of snow overnight. We will not plow today. Roads will have pack snow in areas so please be careful and drive slow and easy on the brakes going downhill and on turns. More snow in forecast for next few days.

11/25/23 – Roads plowed 6:00am Saturday morning 11/25/23 – 5 inches of snow.

Snow Plowing Independent Contractor Agreement 2023-2024