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Noxious Weeds Control Program

All; Susan Milford and Bob Hines have volunteered this year to lead the Weed Control for Timber Ridge. Let’s thank them for their efforts.  Everyone pitch in and help eradicate the weeds. Thanks CTRMD Board

Timber Ridge Weeds

It’s that time again! Time to spray the weeds, they’re growing like crazy. We have a few aggressive weeds in our neighborhood that can get out of control in a short period of time. (See details below) Please remember that each lot owner is responsible for weed control on their property. You can do this yourself or hire someone. When spraying, please spray your lot all the way to the street. Your property will never be free of weeds unless those around you treat their land as well.
Timber Ridge Metro District provides lot owners with free chemicals for spraying. You receive Amine (2, 4-D herbicide) and a blue dye. Please see attached file with Label and Instructions. You can get them from Bob Hines, 406-581-3925, 1211 Cool Pines, Please bring two small plastic bottles to put the chemicals in. They are concentrated and must be mixed in a pump sprayer.

We will have an education/spray date on May 27th.    Meet at the clubhouse at 8:30 am. We will have a short educational talk and then spray the weeds around the clubhouse and pump station. Bring a pump sprayer and wear long pants, gloves, and sunglasses for protection.
We will need volunteers during the summer to help spray all the common areas.  It would also be ideal to have one or more volunteers for each street to walk the street a couple of times during the summer and spray any weeds they see growing within 15 feet of the street.  If every lot owner sprays their lot to the street, this won’t be necessary.  

Some of you may not be familiar with the noxious weeds that grow in our neighborhood.  Yellow clover has been spreading aggresively the last few years. It is not on the list of noxious weeds and the County doesn’t recommend that we spray it in the common areas. Mowing it will help a bit. You may want to spray it on your own property as it is quite invasive The weeds that we are mostly concerned with are Thistle, Common Mullein, Yellow Toadflax (Butter and Eggs), Leafy Spurge, Browny Brome (Cheat Grass) and Curly Dock. See links below for more information on each species.
It may seem like a lot of work, but after a couple of years, you will see a dramatic reduction of weeds. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

 Contact Susan Milford at 281-682-5163 or for more information. 


Common Mullein:

Yellow Toadflax: Glyphosate (RoundUp) works better for this weed than Amine.

Leafy Spurge: you discover this weed on your property, you will need a different herbicide than Amine. Contact Bob Hines.

Curly Dock:

Downy Brome: weed is easy to pull.  Or use a weed killer other that Amine.  It is just for broadleaf weeds.