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Prairie Dog Control Session

This event has ended

Timber Ridge Folks,
Volunteers Needed!  
Date: Friday, March 19, 2021Time: 1:00pmWhere: Meet at Clubhouse What to Bring: Gloves, small shovel, boots it may be muddy in some areas. 
Email: if you would like to Volunteer or just show up. 
The plan is to get control of the prairie dogs on our common property.  The Archuleta County Dept. Pest and Weed Control Supervisor, Ethan Proud recommends using USDA Gas Cartridges to help eliminate the prairie dogs in our area. 
See attached file gas cartridges and label. No state  license is needed.  
The Plan:1. Identify and cover prairie dog holes in colony, except main hole2. Put a gas cartridge with attached fuse in main hole3. Light fuse and shove cartridge into the hole.4. Cover the main hole to make sure gas(carbon monoxide) doesn’t escape.  Cover hole with snow or dirt. You can even use old newspapers. 5. Go to next prairie dog colony holes. 
I have purchased 50 gas cartridges. 
The areas  we will cover is the open common property around clubhouse and across from Bristlecone near pump station and around Lot 7 in Phase 5. 
This is the Best time of the year to exterminate prairie dogs because the ground is moist and still has  snow so easy to locate prairie dog holes.Also, you can cover holes with snow.  The prairie dogs are starting to come out of their holes from the winter. 

If you have any questions please email